What are the Different strains of Kratom Powder?

Have you ever tried more than one strain of Kratom? If yes, you might have been so excited and wondered about the existence of different types of Kratom powder that could help you with a variety of effects. Well, what if I say you have been living inside a big dream until now? I know it would be so painful to burst the bubble right away and drag you towards the realms of reality. Hence, let me accomplish it in a step-wise manner so that you get used to the pain. Well, let’s do it this way. You must be aware of the different colors present in the wide spectrum. Though there are many colors out there, the base colors are the three main ones that give rise to different colors based on the mix-up. What if I say that even Kratom’s different strains are a result of the combination of the three main original strains of Kratom?

Well, are you already sobbing over the fact that your whole Kratom experience was a lie? Then stay back rather than sulking on your couch to learn the truth behind it. One of the main reasons why you have different strains of Kratom available in the market is because the suppliers name the three basic Kratom strains in different ways to make them distinct and also combine two strains to produce a resultant that will again be named differently based on the origin and other factors. While some of the resultant strains are named after the place they originate from, the name of some strains doesn’t really make any sense.

Let’s now delve into the three main Kratom strains that are original. The strains have not been listed in any specific order and you could arrange them in any way based on your preference. But before we get into that, have you ever wondered from where the white, green and red Kratom get their color from? If this is something that makes you all the more curious, then there are some interesting facts for your reference.

The origin story of Vein Color

It is important to understand how these different strains attain a different color. Do you have any guesses to make? Well, the common ones are that the red vein color is due to the place from where it originates and that the green vein is due to the reason that it grows in the wild. Lots of theories like these could do the rounds, but none of it is associated with credible logic in order to be true.

To break the bubble, the resultant vein color is not something that these strains had originally. So even a green strain might have been red initially and then transformed over time. Kratom expert, Johnny Clark gives certain insights on how the different colors of Kratom strains evolve with time. For example, he says that the Green Borneo was originally a red vein leaf and with time it is dried in a specific way to attain the green color characteristics. It seems the green color strains are usually dried in a cool room after which it is dried outside for an hour or even more. He also says that 70 to 80% of the green and white strains start off being red veins initially before the transformation during the drying process.

Hence, the very important aspect of vein color is attributed to the drying process and the ways how it is dried makes a huge difference to the vein color. Other factors include the fermentation, the amount of sunlight, UV light, bulb light and darkness that the plant has been subjected to. For example, the white strains are said to arise when the leaves are dried indoors without any light, while the red strains are dried by using sunlight or UV lamps. Other important factors can be equated to the soil type, content and the season during which the plant thrives. With respect to the farming aspect of the Kratom leaves, only red, white and green color strains are possible. Now farmers have come up with a yellow strain that is a blended one. The yellow strains are quite controversial and also interesting given the fact that they are produced by drying white or green strains inside and then with a little exposure to the sun for attaining the yellow color.

Though the majority of the white and green vein leaves are produced from the red ones, original green and white vein colored leaves can be found in rare places. Hence, you must be ready now to learn about the three main vein colors having understood how they get their color.

Red Strain Kratom Powder

The Red Strains are the most common, popular and best-selling strains in the market today. It is grown mostly in the regions of Southeast Asia in any environment. The strain is special since it can be cultivated in any condition, for example, dry and even knee-deep environments. Hence it can be considered as the power machine among the different strains. Red Horn, Red Elephant, and Red Batak are some of the well-known Red Strain Kratom powder available in the market today.

Green Strain Kratom powder

The green strain Kratom powder is quite balanced when it comes to the effects based on the alkaloid content and the potent nature. It is touted to be one of the middle strains between the red and the white ones and though it is not preferred by most beginners, it is quite popular out there. Green Bali, Super Green and Green Malay are some of the pure green strain mixtures out there.

White Strain

This particular strain is at one end of the spectrum on the other extreme when compared to the red Strain. White strain Kratom is considered to be the one that is mostly enjoyed by a particular group who understand the properties of this strain completely. Also, this strain is usually mixed with green ones for varied effects.

Though there are a lot of Kratom strains out there, the three major strains are the ones that are present at the base. Other strains mostly have some cool fancy names to make it popular. The good news here is that you can make your own hybrid powder and name it in a specific way for your own pleasure.

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