Terms Of Use

We welcome you to kratomfocus.com. We kindly request you to read carefully the following for accessing or using any part of the site (includes subdomains, marks and contents). Hence, go through the terms of use completely to avoid any circumstances in the future. We all are indeed aware of the legal obligations and rights. We recommend not using our site if you don’t comply with the terms of use.

  1. Modification: Since we are reserving the rights, we can change the terms of use at any time. Once the changes have been posted, repeated use of the site after modification indicates your acceptance towards these changes which are effective 10 days from the day of posting.
  2. Acceptance of terms: Our site is constructed only for individuals of or above 16 years of age. Kindly do not visit our site if you are underage.
  3. Access: With these terms mentioned in effect, we permit you to visit the site, with an agreement that you comply with the terms and laws.
  4. Restrictions:i. No part of the site shall be copied, distributed or modified without our authorization; ii. No content shall be used, modified or created as a derivative work; The network connections or servers of the site shall not be interrupted at any cause; iv. Do not use any type of automated coding or system to perform the access to the site; v. Do not attempt to disturb or deactivate the security system which restricts the use of contents.
  5. Property: Any content on our site is an intellectual property of Kratom Focus and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws; ii.The content we provide on the site is for the purpose of your information and/or your personal use alone. It may not be used without our authorization.
  6. Third Party Websites:
  • Our site contains contents that are controlled by their party sources that we don’t have control over. Third party sources include third party websites and customers. These contents which can be viewed, accessed, linked or used are from third party sources mentioned above.
  • We do not hold responsibility for the privacy policies of any third-party sources as we have no control over it. Before interacting with any of those, we strongly suggest you to read the privacy policy and terms of use of the respective websites or links.
  • We don’t take responsibility for the warranties regarding usefulness, accuracy, safety, suitability or property rights relating to any of the third-party content.
  • The site may expose you to contents that is offensive, objectionable, inaccurate or indecent. You have the option whether or not to interact with these sources. But, viewing or using these third-party sources is solely reliant on your own risk and discretion.
  • Your interaction with the third-party contents may waive any equitable or legal remedies or rights against Kratom Focus and the use of these third-party contents may lead to the release of Kratom Focus from any liabilities. Hence, if there is any complaint or query regarding the third-party sources or contents, Hereby, you agree to contact the third-party source directly without involving us into the case.
  1. User Submissions
  • Ownership: You warrant and represent that the necessary permissions and rights to authorize and use the site to use the Intellectual Property Rights in your user submission are solely owned by you.
  • Responsibility: we have the whole right to remove, delete, edit, censor or monitor you user submission. You are solely responsible for the consequences of uploading, displaying or sharing your user submissions. The site may give permission to submit, host, share and publish your content and other users also (“User Submissions”).
  • License to User Submissions: In accordance with the terms, your agreement is that the submission of User Submissions to Kratom Focus grants us a perpetual, sublicensable, magnanimity-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide and transferable license to distribute, reproduce, use, derive, distribute it through any media in any format. You also waive a moral right to the extent the law allows you. You also agree that you are aware that the user submissions can be used, reproduced, distributed, derived or performed by any of the user or viewer of the site as a non-exclusive right.
  • Exposure: when accessing or using the site, you acknowledge and understand that (a) KF is not responsible for Intellectual Property Rights, safety or accuracy relating to user submissions, (b) there may be objectionable, inaccurate or offensive contents that you may be exposed to. You also agree hereby to renounce any equitable or legal remedies or rights with respect to KF that you may have.
  • Prohibited Content: The user agreements shall not be used for purposes that risk a person’s health, safety threat to public safety, impersonates anyone, encouraging illegal drugs, unlawful, racial, theft, hostile or corruption.
  1. Description of Information: Even though we always try to be more accurate with our contents, sometimes cannot warrant that the content available on the site is completely accurate and error free. We reserve the right to make changes to the content without prior notice period. So, it’s at your own risk that you interact with our content or any part of the site.
  2. Disclosure: We believe that it is necessary to (a) satisfy legal processes, government requests or any applicable laws, (b) implement site terms, that includes investigation of potential violation, (c) prevent or address security and technical issues, (d) answer to user’s support requests, (e) protect the users and properties of Kratom Focus. In relation to all the above, we possess the right to control the site content in any form as per the requirement to be fulfilled.
  3. Links:
  • There are many links in our site that may redirect you to our third-party contents. based on requirement sit may even enable you to post to these third-party websites which are not owned by Kratom Focus. Since we are not affiliated with them, we hold no responsibility for any type of contents that may link or post to other third-party websites. Hence, we strongly recommend you to skim through the terms and conditions of those third-party websites before interacting with them.
  • We hereby grant you permission to link to our site with the following terms (a) any page of the site may not be replicated, (b) misrepresenting or spreading false information about Kratom Focus may not be done unless we give our prior acceptance.
  1. Privacy: Based on our privacy policy, the personal information that we have collected or attained in relation to the site shall be used based on our requirements. We request you to read the privacy policy before submitting your personal information to us.
  2. Warranty:
  • The warranty to the site is issued on “Express or Imply” basis. We do not guarantee the bugs, virus attacks or security breaches. During the course of upgrading, routine maintenance or any other reasons, the site may not be accessible or available. You also agree that Kratom Focus is not responsible for internet problems, slow internet connection or traffic crowding of our servers.
  • We can also not guarantee the content, service or product that are advertised or featured by a third-party on our site.
  • Kratom Focus does not give any warranty or guarantee for the user submission contents and does not represent any of those contents. we disclaim all liability for contents of such types.
  • The risk of damage or harm from any user will not be guaranteed by Kratom Focus. We specifically require you to acknowledge the same.
  • Kratom Focus will not hold responsibility for any disputes with the third-party websites because of the user’s interaction with them. The user alone is solely responsible for it and we do not connect with those issues at any cause.
  • When using our site, you may engage by providing information to our site. As mentioned in the privacy policy, we do not represent, warrant or condition the security of any of the above information.
  • We are liable to provide valuable and correct details about our products and services on our site. Since we are providing all this information at no cost, we seek revenue from the third-party websites that are linked to our site. We may charge a display fee from our third-party sites for each time a user clicks and enters their site. This way, we generate a revenue which does not influence the material we display about a particular third-party website.
  1. Liability Limitation: The subsequent losses or damages caused because of the use or misuse of the site, or any kind of reputation, damage, loss of data or profit arising due to the interaction with our site shall not be held responsible by Kratom Focus, to the fullest of the permissible laws. The above limitations become negligible if the loss is incidental or consequential.
  2. Indemnity: You hereby agree to defend or hold harmless to KRATOM FOCUS and its respective employees and agents against any claims, costs, expenses, liabilities, losses, obligations or damages caused due to (a) your use of the site, (b) your user submission, (c) your interaction with site users, or (d) your violation of terms of use.
  3. Termination & Term: Under the sections of Intellectual Property Rights, License to user submission, Privacy, Warranty Disclaimers, Limitation & Liability, Indemnity, Independent Contractors and General, the terms are effective until termination by KRATOM FOCUS. KRATOM FOCUS has the sole right to restrict your access to the site with or without reason at any time. KRATOM FOCUS is not responsible for any objection or dissatisfaction of the user. Use of the site will be ceased for the particular user upon termination of these terms.
  4. Independent Contractors: The only mode of relation will be an independent contract. The user shall not assume any representation, responsibility, warrant, commitment or obligation on behalf of the company. Also, your visiting of our site doesn’t make any understanding of partnership, employment opportunity, agency or joint venture with our company. Kratom Focus at no cost supports or holds responsibility for the above said unethical assumptions.
  5. Assignment: All these terms of use, privacy policies and conditions may or may not be assigned but only by Kratom Focus. Only we possess the right to the assignment of these terms of use, privacy policies and conditions. No one except Kratom Focus has the right to use, assign, modify or transfer these terms.
  6. General: Kratom Focus reserves all the rights to all the aspects of the site. The right includes discontinuation or modification of the site at any time without prior notice or intimation. It shall be governed the terms and relationship between you and Kratom Focus and shall be interpreted with the laws of the state. This interpretation can be without regard to the principle of conflict of the laws. You agree that an exclusive and personal jurisdiction of the courts to submit a waiver for any venue, inconvenient or jurisdictional forum objections to the respective courts, provided that an injunctive relief shall be sought by Kratom Focus from any of the competent jurisdiction. In concern with the site, the entire agreement between you and Kratom Focus shall be constituted by these terms. The effect of these terms shall remain in full force. The validity of remaining provisions of these terms shall not be affected if the provision of any of these terms is declared invalid by the court of competent jurisdiction. This shall not affect the existing validity of such allocations. You also agree that any cause of action or consequences that you may arise because of any relationship with the site should commence within one year from theaccumulation of the cause of action, which would otherwise be permanently barred if missed.