Red Horn Kratom - Things you need to know

Red Horn Kratom – Things you need to know

Have you heard of the Red Horn strain? If your answer is either yes or no, I am very sure you might have very less information on this rare strain. This write-up is here to highlight the things you need to know about this unpredictable strain in general. The red Horn Kratom strain is said to be a very rare strain that requires so much efforts and dedication for the cultivation process. This is because of the fact that it is harder to grow and also it is not readily available for this very reason.

Red Horn Kratom is always confused with the Maeng Da Kratom and some people think that both of these are the same and that they are being marketed under different names. However, it is not the truth. The Maeng Da and the Red Horn Kratom are similar in so many ways, especially the spikes that can be seen in their leaves. It is potent like the Maeng Da and has the highest number of alkaloids of all the strains.

Red Horn Kratom – Background

This variety can be seen in the native countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo.  This rare strain is said to be a hybrid of the Red-veined strain and the Maeng Da Strain. It is usually called as the spiked leaf and its tips are similar to the Maeng Da leaf. Actually, the tips of the leaves resemble a horn and hence the name. Also, the lower part of the leaf gives the impression of a red-veined strain.  It is usually grown in limited number only and the farmers spend much time and efforts to carefully harvest the plants. They gather it from selected mature Kratom trees and make sure that they don’t mix it up with any other leaf.

Red Horn Kratom dosage

As discussed earlier, this strain comes up with high potency and hence, it must be consumed in low doses. Also, you will have to be very careful while using this strain for consumption. Most people say that even one gram is enough for beginners to experience the desired effects. It tends to offer a lot of therapeutic effects to its users and out of all, the pain-killing qualities stand out. It acts well on the healing side by reducing chronic pains, while the euphoric effects are average.

It also provides stimulation and euphoria at very high doses, say 9 grams. At high doses, it tends to impart a sense of excitement and also gives a feeling of relaxation when consumed in the evening. The relaxing effects of Red Horn Kratom are pretty much strong. But the effects are unpredictable and it is subjective based on the person who consumes it.

However, it is best to start with 1 or 2 grams of this variety in the beginning stage. The effects might last from 3 to 6 hours on an average.

Reviews of Red Horn Kratom

Based on the various user reviews on public platforms and Kratom communities, it is evident that Red Horn Kratom works well even at minimal doses. Most of the people feel very much satisfied with the strain and they also say that it gives a distinct experience making their life a paradise. It can be best used for painkilling effects, happy mood and a sense of relaxation. However, for relaxation and euphoria, users claim that 4 to 6 grams of it has to be consumed.


These are some of the things that you need to know about the Red Horn Kratom. In spite of all the benefits it tends to offer, Red Horn Kratom can be highly unpredictable at high doses and hence, please make sure that you administer the ideal dosage for your requirements. Although this strain is rare and expensive in the market, it is considered to be one of the best strains out there.

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