Quitting Kratom – How to Do It Effectively and Safely?

Quitting Kratom – How to Do It Effectively and Safely?

It is true that Kratom is a wonderful herbal substance when it comes to the remedies that it provides for pain relief, mood enhancement, energy boosting and much more. It even releases people from the clutches of anxiety, depression, and stress. With many such benefits, Kratom is the most regarded herb at this point in time, since all other prescription medicines and opiate lead to side effects and other harmful scenarios. But there is one problem with Kratom too like every other substance out there. Any substance, if consumed regularly for a long time, grows on us and we tend to develop tolerance towards that particular substance. If you are someone who is on the brink of getting addicted to Kratom, then this write-up is for you since you can get rid of the withdrawal symptoms that accompany the process of quitting Kratom. Also, you can be aware of the possible effects that tend to follow after the stoppage of Kratom use. Before we delve deep into it, it is important to understand why people become dependent on Kratom over the years.

Why people become dependent?

Tolerance is something that you tend to develop with the periodic consumption of a particular substance. Frequent high doses of Kratom can lead to a tricky situation called tolerance. Yes, Kratom is safe and beneficial but it could get harmful and even life-threatening at times when the dosage is not maintained. Hence, most experienced users recommend new users to rotate the strains regularly and to not consume Kratom on a daily. A gap from the beginning makes your body independent of Kratom and you will not have to get addicted to the same. So why does this tolerance even develop? The answer is very simple. You already know the leaves of Kratom contain Mitragynine, which binds with the opioid receptors of the brain. Upon frequent consumption, the alkaloids build up a wall in the brain, facilitating stimulating and sedative effects. When you stop consuming Kratom suddenly, then your brain generates symptoms in order to gain balance from the rebound effects. These symptoms sometimes become even more severe based on the level of consumption.

Also, Kratom plays a significant role in the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that aids in rewarding processing by motivation and other confidence-boosting measures. For example, when you eat the food that you have been craving for, then dopamine is released so that you enjoy the moment even more. This same mechanism happens with Kratom too, leading to dependence.

Quitting Kratom

I know this has been the question that torments every person who wants to stop using Kratom. Well, the truth is that the task is not that tedious. But you will have to be mentally and physically prepared for it. I have seen many users who abruptly stop consuming Kratom. That makes the situation even worse and could lead to certain adverse effects. Hence, you will have to go slow on this particular path in a smooth way so that you don’t experience any harsh effects. You can always seek the guidance of a medical practitioner before you go about on the process. However, there are two recognized methods by which quitting Kratom becomes easy and effective. One follows the process of tapering down the dosage of Kratom gradually and then the other one is all about Kratom detox.

Taper down your Kratom dosage

It’s all about the mindset when you decide to reduce the Kratom dosage. You will have to be prepared for the course and ready to face the slips that prop in when you stop consuming something that you crave for. Say you consume 5 grams of Kratom daily, and then it is advised that you reduce the dosage by 300 to 500mg. This difference wouldn’t be much on your brain and hence, after a few days, you will feel the same if you consume 3 or 4 grams of Kratom. With a pattern like this, you can reach up to a point where you need one gram or even nothing. Once you have reached this point, your brain gets used to the condition and it doesn’t generate any symptoms even if you tend to consume Kratom one day after a break of, say two weeks.

Kratom Detox

Kratom-DetoxThere are rehab centers that could help you with the process of Kratom detox. However, if you don’t want to visit such places, then you can very well perform these procedures at home in easy steps.

The first thing that your body would lose during Kratom withdrawal is a lot of nutrients and other minerals. For example, people addicted to opiates have been found to have magnesium and calcium deficiencies which can be the reason why they develop spasms and joint pains. Hence, it is a must that you consume high vitamin supplement and also follows a good diet. A multivitamin tablet might also serve the purpose. Drinking many liters of water can keep your body hydrated and a lot of fluids can save you from dehydration during withdrawal. You can even take hot baths that tend to help you recover from muscle pains. Other medication prescribed by a qualified doctor along with other distractions like watching movies, reading books, laughing therapies, eating good food and a routine habit that you stick on to can help you move over the addiction.

Kratom withdrawal symptoms

Kratom withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe depending upon the amount of Kratom you consume. Some of the common symptoms are Fever, Nausea, Headache, muscle pain, hallucinations, delusions, tension, stress, etc.


It is not a tough nut to crack and you can always pass through this phase with a good diet, by reducing the kratom dosages gradually and also by the method of strain rotation. By combining all these techniques, you can always combat the addiction of Kratom and its withdrawal with ease like never before.

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