Privacy Policy

Unless and until we mention in this privacy policy, the terms used over here remains the same and holds the same meaning as in our Kratom terms of use and it is accessible in Kratomfocus site. As it is used in the policy of the terms “using” and “processing” the information also includes the cookies on the computer or mobile device. When subjected, the information which is statistical or other types by using the content and handling the information in anyway, but it is not limited to collection, modifying, deleting, disclosing and transfer of information in and around the United States, Europe or other internationals. Please note that this policy can be changed from time to time and we request you to check this on a regular basis to stay updated with the updated version of our policy.

1. The information we collect

We collect the user information in three ways and they are:

  • When you use certain aspects of our service, we tend to gather the information that you provide voluntarily.
  • We gather the information, when you register your information on our kartomfocus website to log in and create an account. If you are a part of third-party sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we collect information from them to. If you are not a registered user and trying to use our service in any means, we request you to enter your Google credentials if you give it as an option. In the terms, you agree to give information when you register and join Kratomfocus.
  • If you browse or use our services, technical tools which include the Log data and Cookies collect the information which is briefed in the following section.

2. What we do with the type of information that we collect from you:

  • Personal information: when you register in our Kratomfocus website to use our services or information in any way, we might require some information which helps us to identify you (Personal information) or enables us to reach you. The personal information which we gather over here is not limited with your Name, Company name, Address, telephone number, credit card information and email information’s. If you have decided to create an account in our Kratomfocus website using the Social Networking Sites (SNS), you are allowing the access to publicly accessible information which is already available on that service like Name, Mail ID and other public information’s. For Example if you log into our services from Facebook account, you are allowing the access to gather the publicly available information to be accessed by the Kratomfocus via Facebook. Your personal information is used (in some cases, in addition to your (Non-Identifying information), see the following) to serve you in a better way. For Example.
  • Account creation or registration: We create you a user account in-order to use our services on the basis in which we can provide you a better service.
  • Communication: The information which you provide is used to contact you with kratom newsletters, promotional or marketing materials and other information’s which is really useful to you. It is your choice and you can opt out of these services if you uncheck the subscribe option. This can be done any period of time and we ensure you that we do not send you the same information’s again.
  • Customer service: If you ask any questions regarding the information in our website, we respond to you with the information which is available with us.
  • Billing: When availing our paid services, we use your information in the invoice that you receive from our end.

Non-Identifying information- The information which we collect that happens with us when you register for our services, operation and helps us in providing niche content according to the information which you provide on kratomfocus website. Sometimes, we may also combine the Non-Identifying information along with the personal information that you give while registering to our services. To improve the quality in which the information is delivered to you, we collect the above mentioned information.  For the betterment of the customer we gather information in kratomfocus site to provide quality in service, and analyze your needs on the basis in which how you use our services. We might also use some of the aggregated information to serve you in a specific way and deliver you our products without any restrictions. Our mobile application enables you to access it with the information given using the website. The terms stated for the website even applies for the mobile application too. Log Data, is something that we collect from the user which is provided from the web browser from which the user access the Even if the user is a registered or not a registered user. The log data also includes the type of browser and the web page that you were in before reaching the kartomfocus website and the total time that have spent on the website. We also use the Log data to analyze the time taken by you to analyze each and every product in our website for technical services. All these information’s are collected to tailor the information which is delivered to you make it more user friendly and serve you in a better way. For example: The collected information about the user is used the next time when the user visits the website, the website identifies you and recognized you to deliver a content which is more focused on you rather than pooling all the available information that you search in our website and in the end it helps us in satisfying your interests. We also join with third-party services to collect information about you to analyze and monitor you.  Eventually, your overall experience gets better with us. The use of cookies. Like the other services, Kratomfovus uses these to collect minor information from you.  A Cookie is a small piece of data that we impart in your computer or mobile device. At first, we use the cookies to collect your login information on our website which helps you to login easily when you use our services again.  Secondly, we use cookies to monitor to monitor the “Session ID” which helps use to enable certain features like the amount of traffic that you drive to our website. The traffic that your driver you drive enables you to disable or enable cookies for a particular website. If the cookies are enabled, it prompts you in choosing the websites in which the user data gets collected and you get an option to opt out of it. However, the session cookies get deleted immediately after you close the computer or mobile application. If you do not accept the cookies on our site, it does not let us deliver our services. Please make a note that some of the cookies like flash, cannot be blocked.  We use your entire information to deliver relevant data for a good user experience.

3. Sharing of your information:

Aggregate information and non-identifying information: Any information will not be shared with third party sites and even if they are shared they won’t contain any personal information.

Service providers:  We use the help of third-party service to help you with any queries related to our products. We do not share any of your personal information at any cost.

Law enforcement and compliance with the laws: Kratomfocus cooperates with the government and are ready to share personal information if demanded.  We follow all the legal guidelines set by the government and abide by their rules.

Business transfer: Kratomfocus can sell divest, transfer, share or engage in a transaction which can also involve our assets.

4. Use of information:

There are several choices that are available for you when it comes to the sharing of information:

Email communication: When you share your personal information with Kratomfocus, we tend to send some of the information over the email which can be promotional and transactional.

Cookies: If you wish to opt out of cookies, you can do it. The only reason why we use cookies is to improve the user interface.

De-Linking SNS: If you do not wish to connect Kratom focus with any of your social networking sites,  you can reach us to solve the issue.

5. Links to other brands and services.

If you are exposed to any other brands or services from our website indirectly, we do not hold the responsibility for that. If happens, you can contact us to resolve the issue. If you end up with a conversation over the phone in terms of voice and video, we do not claim any responsibility for that. These policies differ from website to website regarding the rules of information collection

6. How we store and protect your information:

We try our best to protect and safeguard the information that you provide on our website. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy.

7. Rights for your information:

You have entire rights to change or edit any kind of information that you provide on our website.

8. Our children’s policy:

The service offered by us is not for people who do not qualify the age restriction.  If you are a parent of children who do not satisfy the age of consent according to our website, he/she can contact us to solve your grievances.

9. How to contact us:

Please find the information given on our website to contact us for further information about our website.