Kratom Not Working? Here’s What To Do to Fix It

Apart from the effects and dosage of Kratom, one particular area that really concerns a person is what if Kratom does not work? So the users who haven’t faced this problem might scratch your head a bit unable to fathom what I am talking about. Let’s break it down a bit so that everyone gets to know about this. If you are a kratom user, you might have experienced the effects of Kratom kick in after 30 minutes or even 1 hour in some cases. But have you ever felt that the Kratom you had just ingested is not at all working? Yes, Kratom might not work sometimes in some users though this is news to you. It is possible that Kratom users won’t be able to experience the pain relief, mood enhancement or any of the benefits of Kratom in the true sense even after consuming it. This situation might be very frustrating and nerve-wracking for users since the only motive behind ingesting Kratom was to experience the wonderful effects associated with it.

However, Kratom doses won’t work based on several factor and reasons. This post is here to stress on a few points that need to be given importance if you feel your Kratom is not working. There are even tips to overcome this ineffective Kratom situation in the future. Most importantly, there are certain questions you will have to ask yourself if your Kratom is not working.

Is your routine dosage on the right levels?

Dosage is an important criterion that determines the effectiveness of your Kratom. At low and moderate doses, Kratom can help you focus, concentrate and provides a rush of energy. At high doses, it might lead to a pleasant state of relaxation and sedation at times. But users aren’t provided with any dosage information corresponding to the effects since the legal status of Kratom in the US is not clear. Hence, the suppliers don’t resort to publishing dosage information claiming to provide the specific effects as they can be subjective and change with every individual.

Also, you can at least reduce the dosage to some extent with the powder, but it is very hard to decide the dosage of extracts since you will have to use a bit math here and there. For example, with powder, 3 to 4 grams can be considered as low, while 7 and 10 grams can be considered moderate and strong doses respectively. But the calculation differs with the extracts since a 15X extract is nothing but15 grams of Kratom leaves used to produce 1 gram of extract. Hence, for a 15X extract, the moderate dosage would be somewhere near 500mg, equivalent to 7.5 grams of Kratom leaves. Hence, you will have to buy a digital scale to make sure you consume the right dosage of extracts.

Are you a victim of Tolerance?

Some people tend to have natural enzymes in their stomach that could eventually break down the Kratom into smaller constituents before it gets mixed into the bloodstream. However, this type of tolerance is quite rare and the most common type of tolerance that is seen causing ineffectiveness of Kratom is due to the consumption of prescribed painkillers and opiates. Yes, people who tend to ingest other opiates with Kratom tend to experience a cross-binding reaction that ultimately targets the mu-opioid receptors of the brain. If you feel this is the reason why you experience ineffectiveness, then it is mandatory that you will have to stop or lower your opiate doses and try scheduling Kratom dosage in between to analyze the effects.

Tolerance can also arise when you keep using Kratom for a long time. Your body gets used to the Kratom dosage that it forces you to amplify your dosage. However, this can lead you to the brink of addiction after which, it becomes a huge task to get rid of it. If you face a situation like this, it is better that you stop using Kratom for some time. Also, you could rotate your schedule with a different strain of Kratom so that you don’t become a victim of tolerance.

Are you ingesting high-quality Kratom?

Quality is an important aspect of any herbal medicine out there. Though Kratom had been used for more than a century in the Southeast Asian countries, its inception into the West has encouraged certain money minded sellers, who make profits with low-quality Kratom. Hence, Kratom can easily be substituted by some ineffective herb belonging to the same genus or also the sellers tend to spike Kratom with adulterants and harmful substance that might even lead to death. So it is necessary that you research before you buy you Kratom, or else you will end up being frustrated with the Kratom that doesn’t work.

Are you storing your Kratom well?

Kratom needs to be stored in a dark and cool place for it to last for many months or even years. If it is not stored properly, the Mitragynine might break down into something else that might become ineffective for pain relief and other enhancement procedures. Hence, make sure you store your Kratom efficiently.


Consumption of Kratom is always a trial and error method, but you will have to be very careful when it comes to maintaining your diet and nutrition levels. With a poor appetite and a bad health condition, Kratom may not work better. Also, consume Kratom only on empty stomach and not after a full meal. Kratom doesn’t act or work efficiently after a meal since Kratom gets broken down during digestion. Either consume it before your meal or 1 hour after your meal. With these points in mind, you can very well make your Kratom work.

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