How to Deal with Kratom Constipation?

How to Deal with Kratom Constipation?

You must have heard of Constipation or even experienced it at times due to indigestion or something. Constipation is a condition that reflects the irregularity in bowel emptying with hardened stool. Constipation occurs in all age groups due to a variety of reasons. Dehydration and low fiber intake can be the few reasons associated with constipation. Constipation usually occurs due to the consumption of certain foods that don’t get digested easily. On the same lines, we all know that Kratom is linked with a variety of benefits and few side effects too. One of the prominent side effects of Kratom is constipation and this post is here to deal with the ways by which the situation can be handled efficiently.

Kratom Constipation

Kratom constipation usually occurs when Kratom is consumed in large quantities without any significant breaks. The intestinal activity of Kratom is inhibited or reduced and hence, the formation and elimination of stool don’t happen. This is due to the fact that Kratom stimulates the nervous system resulting in constipation.

The ways to Deal Kratom Constipation

These are some of the practical and effective ways to deal with Kratom constipation.

Consume more liquids and water

Constipation occurs when there are less than three bowel movements in a week. The condition becomes even more severe when there is only one movement in a week. The bowel transit time must take place between 10 to 70 hours. If not, then the food doesn’t pass on to the next step for digestion due to the increased absorption of water. This condition can be reversed with the increased consumption of liquids and water at every break possible. Dehydration is the major cause of constipation and hence, you will have to consume at least eight glasses of water every single day. This standard is the average one and you will have to follow it to get rid of any situation like constipation.

Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil is an effective option when it comes to constipation. Mineral oil coats the intestine effectively so that the stool is eliminated. You can’t use this option when you suffer from active constipation. However, you can consume mineral oil separately or with your pudding, a few hours after your meal. It is advised that you don’t consume the oil before your meal since it may obstruct the absorption of nutrients. 4 to 5 teaspoons of Mineral Oil might take 8 hours to act.

Increased Inclusion of Fiber

Fiber comes up in two types called the soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber can be mostly seen in bean, seeds, and bran that it is soluble in water and paves way for the efficient passage of stool. The insoluble fiber facilitates stress-free bowel movement. The vegetable and grains comprise the latter type of fiber. The consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains can effectively combat constipation along with the inclusion of prune juice that is considered to be a traditional remedy that works even today.


An active and healthy lifestyle increase the whole body activity and promotes better metabolism. Hence, you will have to plan your exercise schedule regularly in a week for facilitating the smooth flow in the digestive tracts and also it helps in relaxation of the mind and body. These exercises like jogging, jumping, and walking can efficiently enhance the bowel movement.


One of the popular methods out there to treat constipation if the above methods don’t work is through the use of over the counter laxatives. The mechanism of the laxatives is quite different but they absorb water from the colon and add enough moisture for the smooth passage of stool. Some laxatives trigger the intestines through contractions for the free bowel movement.

Kratom dosage

Kratom dosageAt times of constipation, it is always better to lower the dose of Kratom and then check if it works. Also, bear in mind that the quality of your Kratom can play a significant role in constipation. Low-quality Kratom can have higher probabilities of constipation since it affects the nervous system.

Magnesium Citrate, Probiotics, Apple fiber, and fleet enema are con summed by some users who claim it to be efficient in the treatment of constipation. They also say it lightens the bowel movement with free flow of stool.

Points to remember

You will have to keep in mind that Kratom is not dangerous and that it produces beneficial effects in most users. However, constipation due to Kratom might arise when the dosage isn’t right or when you use low-quality Kratom. Hence, make sure you get the high-quality Kratom and also consume it at definite breaks. In case you suffer from constipation after Kratom consumption, it is better you stop using Kratom for some time and adopt the above-mentioned steps for quick recovery. Also, it is better if you could adopt a high nutrient diet after that so that you will not have to face constipation later. Though the case of constipation is common, you will have to consult a doctor when you notice blood in the stool or when your constipation lasts for more than three weeks. Long term constipation can be deadly and hence, you will have to contact your medical practitioner immediately before the condition gets worse.

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