Kratom and PayPal Issues – Kratom Sellers Online

Kratom and PayPal Issues – Kratom Sellers Online

What are other things that every Kratom user is concerned about when it comes to placing their orders? Apart from the product, there are several points like safety and security that most of the Kratom community wants to keep under wraps. Talking about safety and security, the new internet regulations imposed by the current President of the United States of America has forced some of the online users to use virtual private networks when it comes to payment and also while using various tools, in order to be anonymous and safe. This is why we see a surge today in the list of online customers who wish to pay for their orders through PayPal or Bitcoins. But the unfortunate thing is that not all Kratom vendors accept these other modes of payment. There are only a few top Kratom brands that accept Bitcoins and PayPal, while most of them do not.

If you have browsed through various Kratom vendor sites, you might have noticed that these sites also offer Postal check, Money order and other unconventional modes of payment for an online purchase. However, this is not surprising due to the fact that most credit card merchants do not collaborate with the Kratom vendors due to the volatility and the higher risk involved in the Kratom industry. With that being said, you can still pay for your order through PayPal if you zero in on the right vendor. Though there are several issues associated with it, these methods might help you track the vendors who accept PayPal.

Take part in the top forum discussions

You must already be aware that some top Kratom forums out there provide us resourceful insights on every aspect of Kratom. For example, the Reddit is my go-to the forum for any doubts since most users there post authentic information and you could very well get a clear picture from the conversation. Hence, there are chances that Reddit users could post the list of the best Kratom sites that accept PayPal. You could be benefitted just by a click. Isn’t that cool?

Talk to your favorite vendor

Another way to go about this process is to email your favorite vendor on the ussies you face and the possible ways of introducing PayPal for your payment process. If you have a great rapport with your vendor, there are more chances that they could do it for you. Also, it would work in case you place a bulk order. Most vendors try to serve their clients the best way if they see a huge order coming up.

Things to check before using PayPal

The main reason why most vendors and users face problems with PayPal is due to the lack of safety and security. That is why the various forms of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin are accepted by different firms over PayPal. There are chances that your PayPal account could be blocked or dissolved in case you try to purchase Maeng Da or Red vein Kratom strains through this mode of payment. In fact, one of my friends faced this issue who had placed an order through PayPal for the purchase of Maeng Da Kratom. However, his account was blocked and he was later notified about the same citing the reason as a purchase of Kratom.

To make things easier for you, we worked pretty much to arrive at a formulated list from where you could buy your Kratom through PayPal. Coastline Kratom and Kratom quality are some of the top vendors that accept PayPal for Kratom orders placed with them. Sometimes, even these vendors do not entertain PayPal due to the risk factors but they tend to oblige if they see potential in your for a bulk order. Though you might be bent upon using PayPal for your Kratom orders, it is wise to expand your horizons and be open about various other payment methods in the future.

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