Kratom and Alcohol – Is it safe to mix?

Most of the herbal products out there always raise doubts among the consumers if they could be combined with other products. Kratom is not an exception to this. There have always been various doubts and rumors on how Kratom acts with certain substances beneficially and how it tends to create adverse effects in some users. Though this area needs intense research to arrive at a conclusion, certain user-based reviews and research suggest that Kratom works well with certain substances. Hence, this write-up aims at clarifying one of the most common queries out there.  Well, we can read your mind. Can Kratom be consumed with alcohol? Isn’t this the one question for which you have been waiting for the clarifications and answers? Well, that also shows you are a new user of Kratom. So, let’s dig into the Do’s and Don’t when it comes to the mixing of Alcohol with Kratom.

Kratom and Alcohol

Kratom is very popular out there as a recreational substance and hence various suggestions and options have evolved if Kratom could be mixed with those to gain the opioid-like high. One such substance that was in everyone’s priority list is alcohol. It is no wonder that alcohol made it to the list. However, it has created a heated debate if Kratom can be mixed with alcohol though most users can’t really claim that the combination can be safe. Most users who administered alcohol with their Kratom dosage claim that their tendency to drink has reduced a lot after such instances. Also, some users take Kratom before any alcohol party so that it reduces their craving for alcohol and also saves them from possible effects of alcohol addiction like aging and deposition of calories.

You must be aware that Kratom is a stimulating substance and that alcohol is a CNS depressant. Alcohol must strictly not be mixed with any other opioids for consumption; however, it is not clear if Kratom could cause any upsets with the same. But what is evident is that immense research is needed on the same to arrive at a conclusion, for now, we have only user based reviews to explain the issue in detail.

User reviews

User reviewsThe online reviews are mostly composed of mixed reviews since the matter is purely subjective. Some users say that the alcohol spoiled their experience and some tend to say that the Kratom is the main reason for the adverse effects. However, there are no guidelines or recipes based on which Kratom and alcohol could be mixed appropriately for a safe experience.

  1. Based on user reviews, low doses of Kratom and alcohol when mixed together can impart relaxing effects. They claim that their mood seems to be very enhanced, soothing and that their body experiences a sense of calmness. The alcohol tends to potentiate the relaxed feeling without causing any side effects. Though no harmful effects were reported, it is advised that one doesn’t use this mixture while driving or operating any machines.
  2. Mixing both the products in moderate doses can induce positive and negative effects. Some users reported that they experienced awful effects, while one user claimed that the effects weren’t severe. However, the possible side effects might be headache and nausea.
  3. At high doses, both of these ingredients can be extremely powerful and hence they can provide only harmful effects to their users. This is nothing but overdosing and hence, the effects are very unpleasant and uncomfortable. The person would experience a hangover the next day and sometimes the effects can be severe. There has been not even a single user review that claims to have experienced positive effects with this combination. Hence, it is strictly advised that you stay away from this option.

Risks of Mixing Kratom and Alcohol

There is really not enough information on the same to help us understand the subject better. But it is clear that Kratom being a stimulant and a sedative, when mixed with a CNS depressant like alcohol could block the function of the nervous system by shielding messages and interceptions. One glass of alcohol with a low dose of Kratom might seem to be a potent combination since the effects of Kratom might be long-lasting, but in practical terms, the condition could become worse. Most users who combined Kratom with alcohol or the ones who had Kratom after alcohol claim that they experienced nausea and a series of headaches. Hence, the motor and cognitive function of the brain is said to be impaired by both of these ingredients.

Potential Side effects

Insomnia, Stress, Dehydration, Drowsiness, Nausea, Weakness, Respiratory depression and stomach upset are some of the potential side effects of mixing Kratom with alcohol. But these side effects might change from person to person since there are different types of alcohol, Kratom and the varying dosages administered by different people.

One interesting side of this debate is that Kratom is recommended for Alcohol withdrawal. When alcohol is consumed, the endorphins are released as a result of the cravings. Kratom has the potential to bind with the opioid receptors and stimulate it so that the craving for alcohol is reduced significantly. This, in turn, leads to a smoother withdrawal from alcohol with minimized side effects. Also, the main reason for using Kratom for alcohol withdrawal is that Kratom is less addictive than the former and hence, it is the most preferred herb for this purpose.


If you are very much motivated to try alcohol with Kratom, we strictly advise against it since it might lead to adverse effects. However, if you persist on it, it is always better to go with low doses. Also, if you are trying to overcome alcohol addiction, then you can start taking Kratom, starting with low doses to liberate yourself from the habit.


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