Is Kratom Safe to Take with Prescription Drugs?

I’m pretty sure that most of you have come across a situation where ‘you have commenced taking Kratom powder regularly for the reason of a particular medical condition or generally to seek its health benefits. There comes a day when you feel very sick without any indications. It could be anything that is of sudden in nature, an injury, or viral fever or any random ailment for that matter. You are sick and you do not have any idea why you are.

It is natural that you would be given a list of medications to take for a certain period of time. I could guess what you will be thinking now… come on let’s stop having Kratom that’s it right? Or completely the other way around.

This is a very generally confusion that arises in the minds of Kratom users. To conclude which is the appropriate way, you need to understand what is Kratom and why should or shouldn’t it get interacted to other medicines. In the following passage, we are trying to recommend which is the best option whether to have it with other drugs or not will be discussed precisely. To know whether it is safe to have Kratom products while having other medicines, please go through the passage which is as follows:

What is Kratom?

We have to start knowing from the basics… Kratom is a popular name for MitragynaSpeciosa, A coffee like a breed that is originated in the tropical evergreen forests of Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Papa New Guinea, Myanmar, and Thailand. Kratom is treated as one of the very traditional medicines in these countries since the nineteenth century. Kratom is known for its exuberant alter-egos where it could act like an opioid or energizer or even stimulator according to the need of its user. MitragynaSpeciosa is the plant from where all the products of Kratom arrive. Traditionally, the leaves are chewed directly by the native residents for several medical conditions like musculoskeletal pain, managing appetite, for enhancing their energy levels, and in some cases for sexual desires. The users find the MitragynaSpeciosa resembles the qualities of plants like Coca and Khat (also known as qat).

It is also known for opioid withdrawal. The Kratom is traditionally taken to overcome the addiction to opioid drugs. There are reports which suggest that there are instances of taking Kratom as the substitute of Opioid in Malaysia.

Kratom is highly dangerous when it gets interacted with psychoactive drugs like caffeine, cannabis alcohol, cocaine, and LSD etc. The interaction could probably result in adversely negative reactions like seizures. The interaction could even affect the psychological abilities of the individual. There are some cases (very rare, though) which have reported that an individual getting into worst depression state for using Kratom products with narcotic substance like morphine, or hydrocodone. It is scientifically proven, that more than one mind-altering substance shouldn’t be consumed at once. Since Kratom also has sedative and stimulant qualities, mixing it up with other prescription based opioids could land up in dangerous neurological and psychological ailments.

There are certain websites which say a lot of bad things about Kratom, of course, there are some possibilities of risk when it gets interacted with contradictory drugs but there aren’t fatalities reported in the United States for a long time. Though they are some reports make rounds on the internet, their validity is yet to be proved.

FDA has not categorized Kratom with other narcotic drugs like Marijuana and hydrocodone. They are yet to figure out the potential dangers that could be induced solely by Kratom and its products. It is absurd that some voices are loudly claiming that Kratom is completely unsafe and there are statistical reports created to validate their misconception. We are not claiming Kratom is extremely safe; we just want everyone to take opinion from Kratom loyal users who had been using this medicine for the longest period. The scientific worth of Kratom is yet to prove by the FDA but that doesn’t any way mean Kratom is unworthy, harmful or dangerous.

Nevertheless, Kratom, if interacted with the drugs which are similar to its nature, could produce some negative reactions. So is Kratom really dangerous? What are the risks or are there any risks? Follow the passage:

Why would Kratom conflict with other kinds of drugs?

To comprehend and conclude whether Kratom conflicts with other kinds of drugs, we have to know how our system works while having a medicine. However, the drug is injected into our body or whatever is the nature of the drug, the drug swiftly reaches to the liver.

The liver is a place where the substances taken into the system are filtered. It filters the indigestible items which stomach can’t take. There are specific enzymes which aid the system to splits the substances so that they could be converted into energies. There is a particular enzyme called CYP450, which plays a crucial part in the entire process. It decides which substances should get in and which should be discarded.

There are so many consequences related to this enzyme. The work of it is extremely meticulous as to get the maximum benefit from the medicine we have to follow a specific diet or else it would either takes additional stress which results in risk or does not respond to it totally.

Unless you are taking prescribed dosages with serious side effects or overdosage, it won’t show any major reaction with Kratom.

Is it really safe to consume Kratom with prescribed drugs?

There is research taking place to find out the various scientific probabilities of Kratom products. Not everything is scientifically proven in the case of Kratom as until 2016, not many knew about the existence or reputation of the product in the western world. It was regarded as completely natural and miraculous product in its native regions in the Asian continent.

There are some safety precautions to be considered before consuming the drugs, having a word with your doctor will always help. The routinely prescribed dosages of any medicine shouldn’t be exceeded by any proportions.  In case of emergency consultation of doctor is very necessary. Don’t hesitate to discuss your Kratom course with your doctor since he is the right person to solve any medical or medicinal problems you are going through.

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