Is Kratom Safe for Kids

It would seem totally absurd for seeing Kids and Kratom in the same sentence. Well, it do happen, many people are really giving a horror look towards Kratom as if it’s a poisonous plant. The reality about Kratom plant is very different which we are trying to explain in a detailed manner.

To begin with, Kratom is absolutely natural substance that comes from MitragynaSpeciosa plant which is harvesting in the evergreen rainforest regions of Southeast Asia. There is very little known about Kratom since there is no valid research took place until now. If we speak about the topic, can kids take Kratom; yes they can without any second thoughts. Kratom is nothing very different from coffee; it actually belongs to the coffee family. It is taken only to reduce certain bodily pains, treating narcotic addiction and cognitive disabilities like depression and anxiety issues.

Is Kratom, a dangerous drug?

Kratom is often given absurd names by the policymakers. Though there are evidence of Kratom being a traditional plant been existed since two centuries and is used by thousands of people in the native region, it is treated as a very dangerous drug. Such a statement gives a ludicrous feeling as there is no scientific research done extensively to prove their claims in contrary they say Kratom’s strength is not scientifically proven. Kratom is a simple coffee-like powder which comes from nature. It could be taken in many forms like Tea, or as capsules etc. It is uncertain that many individuals blindly believe such simplistic claims. In one of its native regions, Thailand, it is treated a ritual whenever some guests arrive, they treat them like the ancestors of gods. It is generally used for treating opioid addictions (morphine, etc.).

The unfair misjudgment has ruined the goodwill of the Kratom plant in many nations, especially in the United States. It is mostly because of the excessive publicity about its damaging qualities and describing it as extremely harmful drug in the face of the earth. Sometimes people tend to attract and believe exaggerated comments that are what has happened with Kratom. We are not claiming that Kratom is absolutely free of negative effects, but what is being told has no rational validity at all. Let us get into the topic now, please follow the passage below:

Is Kratom really safe for the kids?

The main reason for you to think before prescribing medications is their brain development. As the brain keeps developing in children, any medication that could affect such progression should be taken with extreme care. You have to ensure that development doesn’t get affected by any external interference.

For an instance, the most widely popular drug that affects the brain development is Marijuana, an extreme narcotic substance that is rated in schedule 1 of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. Also, Marijuana creates a chain reaction since it doesn’t attract the kid to consume only that. There would be the presence of Alcohol and Cigarettes too which would further disturb the mental conditions of the kid. Kratom is nowhere near to such drugs which blatantly affects the brain functioning. There aren’t any cases reported on child facing adverse reactions by having Kratom.

There are some studies and believes, since Kratom could cure anxiety and stress disorders there are some kids who are given Kratom for them to overcome excessive cognitive disorders. It is also known for clearing chronic pains of all levels, kids who have born out of such pains could use this as a medicine to overcome their persisting medical condition.

Kratom must not be vigorously used by the kids or adolescents. It is not very fruitful as it is for the adults. Especially, it shouldn’t get mixed with other specific prescription drugs like opioids. Children taking very high dosages of Kratom could lead to brief psychological troubles like sleepwalking, hallucinations, mild seizures etc.

However, since research is not done in an efficient way, it gets more complex to conclude a statement. We could only go through some existing cases and evidence to prove that Kratom is not very harmful to the kids and adolescent teenagers.

In Conclusion – Final thoughts on the topic:

Kratom also known as MitragynaSpeciosa is an herb has the potency to aid the individuals suffering from multiple medical conditions from chronic pains to excessive stress. It could help children who are addicted to opioid drugs to overcome their addiction. It could effectively help them to overcome stress or anxiety disorders (especially those suffering from abuse, dysfunctional relationships etc.) The point to be remembered is, Kratom could result in positive results but not at same levels which could differ from one person to another. Do not hesitate to take the guidance from your doctor if you face any uncertainties.

Andrew Robert

Andrew Robert is 49 years old and he is an Ex Construction Manager who had suffered from severe joint pain and depression. Andrew’s only target is to create a website that gives accurate information about Kratom which helped him to heal his joint pain and depression. He want to help people who are in need of Kratom.

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  1. Mr. Roberts. I applaud you for taking the time to educate people who wish to know more about Kratom.
    Please, may I offer some constructive criticism. Take additional time to proof read your writing. It is not only a little difficult to read but a lot of people won’t take you as a serious writer. I understand mistakes happen. Happens to me all the time. But please try to limit them in your articles.
    Thank you. I’m on your side.

  2. Thank you for clarifying the many questions I’ve had regarding Kratom and whether it’s safe to give my 12 yr old son who suffers from ADHD. We’ve recently seen a holistic doctor to try weaning him off of the stimulant he has taken for the past six years which is now causing ticks and excessive blinking. This sounds like an amazing alternative. I will continue my research of course but this really gave me hope.

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