What is Horned Kratom?

Most people have heard of regular Kratom, but you might be wondering “What horned Kratom is?” It is actually quite popular among users today. We’ll be walking you through the variety of properties and the effects of this variant. Stick around to find out!

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that goes by the name ‘Mitragyna speciosa’ and finds its home in the dense jungles of Southeast Asian parts of the world namely Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, Indonesia, and Bali. 

The locals have for decades been consuming this plant in either brewed form or they simply chewed the leaves, this helped them deal with chronic aches and helped them in feeling energized.

Today, Kratom has become quite the craze in a lot of Western countries because of its wide range of benefits. It is rich in active compounds called ‘alkaloids’ which make the user feel the energizing, pain-relieving, anxiety-relieving and relaxing effects that it brings about. These effects have made it so popular that individuals have started using it across the globe. It’s being used to deal with Insomnia, chronic aches and sometimes even for depression.

The types and strains

The various effects of Kratom are very much dependant on how much of it one consumes. It is seen that at smaller doses, individuals feel a sense of euphoria and they feel more energized. However, at higher doses, individuals have claimed to feel more sleepy and relaxed. The different parts of the plant come in a variety of colors and are classified based on these colors. The following are the three main types:-

Red Variant:

People who are looking for robust relaxing effects or people looking to be able to cope with severe anxiety, this would be the strain that we would suggest, however, we would like for you to know that for individuals looking to stay energized, we would suggest they opt for a lower dose.

White Variant:

People looking to feel accelerating or stimulated we would suggest the white strains. This is also the strain for individuals looking to feel euphoric, it is often glorified by its users for its energizing and exhilarating effects. 

Green Variant:

This would be the strain for people looking to enjoy a wide range of the benefits that Kratom offers. However, it should be known that the effects the user’s experience are much milder than what they would experience when using the Red and White strains. It is suggested that individuals looking for an energy boost as well as an upliftment in their mood should go in for lower doses.

Apart from this classification, these plants are seen to be further divided based on where they originate. Examples for this classification are the White Indo, White Maeng da, Red Bali or Red horn. However, based on which strain you choose you will experience slightly different effects. 

What is Horned Kratom?

This variant is called so because of the way its leaves look. These leaves are seen to have pointed edges resembling tiny horns. Correctly identifying these shaped leaves can be very difficult for the Pickers. The fact that coming across this variant is so ambiguous it makes sense that it is quite expensive. 

Amongst the red, white and green horned varieties, the red and white horned varieties are comparatively easier to find than the green horned varieties which are much rarer. 

Red Horn: This variant is being extensively used by individuals who have been battling Insomnia. It is also excellent for people looking to feel relaxed and calm. This variant is also quite popular because of the fact that its effects are long-lasting. We, however, advise people to stick to smaller does when consuming this strain because people have complained about feeling unpleasant when they consumed larger doses. We do not recommend people that are just starting off to consume this strain. 

White Horn: We would suggest this strain for individuals that are looking for euphoria, it is excellent for people looking to enhance their mood. Most people consider this variant extremely stimulating and are the perfect choice for people looking to uplift their mood and improve their energy levels. It is also amazing at improving one’s focus and cognitive abilities. We suggest that individuals avoid consuming this variant when they are looking to get sleep. 

Green Horn: This variant is not the easiest to find and we recommend it for people that are looking to enhance their mood and their motivation. We, however, do not require higher doses of this variant because it can be highly sedative. 

What are the side effects?

The side effects that Kratom cause can be extremely unpleasant, people often come across this when they consume higher doses. We always suggest that you consume a moderate dose so as to enjoy the positive effects while avoiding the side effects. 

Common side effects

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Eye wobbles
  • Dehydration 
  • Stomach upset
  • Nausea

We suggest avoiding higher doses as its the best way to avoid the side effects and is also a good way of maintaining the tolerance level. Frequently consuming Kratom has been seen to increase tolerance as well so we would advise consuming smaller doses.

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