Can we give Kratom for Pets?

Mitragyna Speciosa, which is commonly called as Kratom is a tropical herb that grows predominantly in the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sumatra. Coming from the coffee family, they can be seen in the forests of Thailand in the form of huge plantations. However, Indonesia is one of the biggest exporters of Kratom today. Also, Thailand banned the usage of Kratom in 1943 due to the pressure from the opium market. The traditional herb is said to possess psychoactive properties due to the alkaloid compounds like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Moreover, the herb tends to display various effects due to the change in leaf vein color and the dosage.

Extended Use of Kratom

This herb, which started off as a recreational substance in the United States has now reached the status of a healing substance. With its name doing the rounds all over the world, loads of Kratom are being imported to the West from several Southeast Asian countries. Now a new question has surfaced the Kratom world, asking whether Kratom is beneficial only to humans or it could serve as a potential medicine even for animals. Even pets like dogs and cats suffer from various ailments. But is Kratom recommended for use on these pets?  But there are some doctors and certain owners of pets who agree to the treatment of pets with Kratom.

Many pet owners have even tried Kratom on their pets and to their surprise, the results have been astonishing. The claim that the medicinal and psychoactive benefits of Kratom can also be absorbed by pets like cats, dogs, etc.

Benefits of Kratom on Dogs

The benefits of Kratom on pets can be widely seen with reports coming all over from pet owners. The owners’ credit Kratom plant for the process of healing in their pets. The dogs seem to have no great difficulties or trouble with the Kratom plant. Kratom is being administered as a whole or in the form of extracts for the treatment of pets. However, the dosage of Kratom can be a critical factor with pets, since it can lead to the failure of the kidney or liver. Kratom can be used on dogs that suffer from hip pain, injuries, lack of energy, anxiety and even in the cases of seizures. Though many veterinarians and pet owners have been extending support for this act, it is important to note that Kratom must be administered in low quantities for pets, without which the condition of digestive mobility can arise.

Testimonials Given by Pet owners

The most common pets in every household are dogs. Several dog owners have come up with support for the usage of Kratom on pets. There are certain owners who claim that they administered Kratom to their pets when it was in pain. Hence, Kratom can be used as a pain-killer even in animals. There are some pets that go into depression or reach extreme stages of stress. Kratom can be helpful in those situations by making the pets cheerful and lively. Also, Kratom can be used in aging pets that suffer from arthritis. Kratom has also helped cats that met with an accident. It can also aid in the bowel movements of the pets. Some owners even claim that their old pets tend to be a bit active after the consumption of Kratom.

Kratom consumption in pets

Kratom is known for its bitter taste and aroma. Hence, Kratom can always be combined with the dog’s favorite food to avoid any unfavorable situations in pets. Sometimes Kratom is added along with the food cooked for the pets so that the process of ingestion is easy. Some owners tend to apply Kratom lotion or paste in the gums of their pets when they suffer from immense pains. Kratom can be added to food, milk or dog’s favorite food without any fear since no deaths have been reported with Kratom in pets. However, it is important that you administer the right dosage of Kratom for your pets based on the need and requirement.



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  1. I’ve been researching Kratom for dogs. “it is important that you administer the right dosage of Kratom for your pets based on the need and requirement.”
    Are you able to give more information regarding different strain dosage ?

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