Bentuangie Kratom – An amazing relaxant

From the dense jungles of the Indonesian Islands comes the newest variant of Kratom called “Bentaungie Kratom”, it also goes by the name of “Tropical Blend”. This variant is seen to be a part of the red-vein strains primarily but it also is seen to display a few of its own unique benefits. These benefits include its mildly sedative effects, it being excellent at pain relief, as well as enhancing the general well being of the consumer.
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Yellow Vietnam Kratom – Complete Guide

If you are new to Kratom and wish to use the Yellow Vietnam Kratom, then worry not. This post is here to provide the complete information on this variety right from the background to its usage. Vietnam has never been known to be a Kratom exporting nation, though this place has seen the existence of Kratom for over thousands of years. It hasn’t been long since commercial Kratom was exported from Vietnam to other parts of the world. As you might know already, Kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, which originates from the Southeast Asian countries. This Yellow Vietnam Kratom strain grows in the Mekong regions, which is a delta. It is also found in the mountainous Mekong region in Vietnam. The geographical location of the region, the climate, and the soil are what contribute to the yellow color of Yellow Vietnam. These factors also influence the taste and effects of this strain. The strain has become quite popular now due to its soothing and calm effects. Also, it’s demand is pretty high since it eliminates the sedative qualities seen in most of the Kratom varieties. read more


Maeng Da Capsules Review & Guide

People have now got used to the various Kratom products in the market and there are many reputed vendors who provide high-quality Kratom products to their customers. With various modes of consumption, one of the most popular modes is consuming it in the form of capsules. When it comes to capsules, it is impossible that you might have skipped the topic Maeng Da Capsules. But before we get into what this Maeng Da Kratom is, it is important to understand the various kinds of Kratom and how Maeng Da is produced. read more


Red Vein Kratom Everything You Need To Know

Kratom has already become a huge rage now that everyone must be aware of the amazing medicinal and therapeutic benefits of this herb. Kratom users might be aware that Red vein Kratom is the most popular of the Kratom strains and that it is always in high demand due to its huge list of benefits and also the qualities of this strain are so balanced enabling it to improve the quality of life with wellness. Red vein is always considered to be a separate form of Kratom due to the variety of subtypes and divisions in this particular type is. Red vein Kratom is believed to be found abundantly in the Indo Kratom region, Thailand and Borneo islands. If you are all curious to learn more about the Red vein Kratom in detail, here we go. read more


Best Natural Food & Supplements to Enhance Kratom Effects

Kratom is consumed for its stimulant effects as also for opioid withdrawal. Usually, It is consumed with juice or water. The users of Kratom report that consuming it with some of the natural foods or supplementary affects the effectiveness of the drug. This is called as Potentiation. The pharmacological effects become better than the reaction of each put together when two or more components rule.  read more


Elephant Kratom – Things you should know

Kratom is a very popular name now though the scientific name of this tree is Mitragyna Speciosa. The powerful alkaloids called Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are responsible for the various effects like pain relief, mood enhancement, immunity boost, energy and much more. However, traversing into the world of Kratom can be very complex since there are more than 50 varieties of Kratom. However, the basic varieties either come up due to the vein color or the topography of the leaves. You must have already heard about the three main vein colors and how they are differentiated. This post is here to let you know all about a particular strain of Kratom called White elephant Kratom. Let’s first begin with how it procured the name Elephant Kratom. The name elephant Kratom comes from the large sized leaves that are droopy and they even resemble the ears of an elephant in a way. This strain is very much suited for people who need some amount of relaxation after long hours or for the people who suffer from stress and anxiety. read more


Can we give Kratom for Pets?

Mitragyna Speciosa, which is commonly called as Kratom is a tropical herb that grows predominantly in the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sumatra. Coming from the coffee family, they can be seen in the forests of Thailand in the form of huge plantations. However, Indonesia is one of the biggest exporters of Kratom today. Also, Thailand banned the usage of Kratom in 1943 due to the pressure from the opium market. The traditional herb is said to possess psychoactive properties due to the alkaloid compounds like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Moreover, the herb tends to display various effects due to the change in leaf vein color and the dosage. read more

Red Horn Kratom - Things you need to know

Red Horn Kratom – Things you need to know

Have you heard of the Red Horn strain? If your answer is either yes or no, I am very sure you might have very less information on this rare strain. This write-up is here to highlight the things you need to know about this unpredictable strain in general. The red Horn Kratom strain is said to be a very rare strain that requires so much efforts and dedication for the cultivation process. This is because of the fact that it is harder to grow and also it is not readily available for this very reason. read more

Kratom and PayPal Issues – Kratom Sellers Online

Kratom and PayPal Issues – Kratom Sellers Online

What are other things that every Kratom user is concerned about when it comes to placing their orders? Apart from the product, there are several points like safety and security that most of the Kratom community wants to keep under wraps. Talking about safety and security, the new internet regulations imposed by the current President of the United States of America has forced some of the online users to use virtual private networks when it comes to payment and also while using various tools, in order to be anonymous and safe. This is why we see a surge today in the list of online customers who wish to pay for their orders through PayPal or Bitcoins. But the unfortunate thing is that not all Kratom vendors accept these other modes of payment. There are only a few top Kratom brands that accept Bitcoins and PayPal, while most of them do not. read more