Best Strains of Kratom for better sleep

Best Strains of Kratom for better sleep

Kratom’s sedative effects have always been recognized even in the past. Kratom’s benefits include pain relief, opiate withdrawal and a sense of calmness and relaxation. However, there is one benefit of Kratom that is being understood by most people out there and they are gearing up to combat the likeliness of insomnia and sleeping disorders with Kratom. Yes, Kratom does promote a good sound sleep at certain dosage level. People who suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders know it for themselves that insomnia disrupts their daily life in a variety of ways. It occupies much of their energy, affects physical performance and highlights their inability to even face stressful situations.

Luckily there is a natural agent in the form of Mitragyna Speciosa, which is also called Kratom and it tends to promote sleep naturally due to its sedative properties. It has been widely recognized now for its effects to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Kratom strains for good sleep

Given the fact that Kratom can be effective for a good sleep, it is also important that you are aware of the different Kratom strains available out there and its varied effects. Though the advent of Kratom is a boon in one way, it is also to be noted that the process of choosing the right strain for sleep can be quite tricky and time consuming.

When it comes to the different strains of Kratom, one of those that aid in the process of good sleep is the Red Vein Kratom. The Red-veined Kratom is best known for its sedative properties and help in the process of sleep with its calming and soothing effects. Among the Red vein Kratom strains; there are many variants that can help with sleep in the best way possible.

Red Vein Bali Kratom

This particular strain is considered to be one of the popular strains out there which is the best alternative to sleeping pills. The relaxing effects of Red Vein Bali Kratom relax the whole body and help the users to have a comfortable sleep without much fuss. It is considered to be quite effective since it doesn’t produce any side effects. Any person who consumes it before sleep tends to sleep well and feel fresh in the morning which in turn makes them ready for work on the next day.

This strain is best suited for people who will have to perform physical work the whole da or someone who adopts a hectic timeline in their lives. Along with the pain killing abilities, the analgesic, sedative and anxiolytic properties work well against headache and stress that in turn promotes sound sleep.

Red Vein Sumatra Kratom

This strain is native to the Sumatra region and hence, it has been named that way. It tends to come in different forms that enable users to derive all the mind and body relaxing effects of Kratom. This variety is quite famous in Sumatra and other places across the world for its inherent quality to fight insomnia and provide a good sound sleep to the users.

Red Vein Borneo Kratom

As the name suggests, this variety originates from the Borneo islands, which is the third largest in the world. It is the place of origin for three of the best Kratom strains namely, green, white and red. The red variety is very much recognizable due to the red colored veins in their leaves. The red vein Borneo Kratom promotes sedative and relaxing effects on the users. Persons who consume this variety of Kratom tend to experience mood enhancement, stress relief confidence and an increase in energy. All these effects play a major role in inducing sleep in users who suffer from irregular sleep patterns and insomnia.

Red Vein Kratom against Insomnia

The red vein Kratom leaves are composed of very rich and powerful alkaloids that are very much essential for a healthy mind. These alkaloids bind with the receptors on the brain and then intercept the signals for influencing various reactions and positive effects. The red vein kratom has three main effects due to which the users tends to sleep peacefully for a long time.

  1. Physical comfort
  2. Stress relief
  3. Sedative properties

The hydroxymitragynine that is abundant in the leaves of red vein Kratom provide physical ease to its users by which a comfort level is attained that is much needed for a sound sleep. Also, the irregularities in sleep can be due to stress and anxiety, given the fact that we follow a hectic life routine. This specific strain helps in reducing the levels of anxiety and stress in people by mood enhancement, uplifting the spirits and instilling confidence in users. These effects in turn play a critical role since with reduced stress and anxiety; a person tends to sleep well. Also, the sedative effects of Kratom can relieve a person from pain and bring in the feelings of relaxation for a good sleep.

Using Kratom for Insomnia

Using Kratom for InsomniaKratom can be effective for sleeping disorders and insomnia only when the right dosage is administered. If strong doses are consumed without any guidelines, it could lead to certain adverse effects. For example, a beginner or a person with low tolerance can consume 2 to 3 grams, while an average user can go up to 5 grams and persons with high tolerance can consume 7 grams. Doses above this mark can be quite dangerous to the users. Also, the users will have to consume 2 hours before sleep for an effective fight against insomnia. Additionally, the users need to stick to consuming Kratom before 3 to 6 hours if the purpose is mainly associated with relaxation.


Kratom can be quite safe when it is administered at low doses and also when it is consumed before sleep. Make sure that you don’t ingest the same strain every day and rather try alternating between many strains so that you fight insomnia without being a victim of Kratom tolerance.

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