Best Natural Food & Supplements to Enhance Kratom Effects

Kratom is consumed for its stimulant effects as also for opioid withdrawal. Usually, It is consumed with juice or water. The users of Kratom report that consuming it with some of the natural foods or supplementary affects the effectiveness of the drug. This is called as Potentiation. The pharmacological effects become better than the reaction of each put together when two or more components rule. 

There are various ways to strengthen Kratom powder. The main concern is which food and herbal should be combined with kratom to boost the effects. 

One does not need to consume in higher dosage for experiencing its effects. Combining the small portion of Kratom powder with natural food & supplements helps in achieving the results.

Foremost foods to intensify Kratom potentiation 

The combination of potentiators with Kratom results in eternal impact. It makes the user feel more energized and calm. The following foods react with alkaloids and improve the performance of drugs multiple times.

  • Turmeric powder to strengthen Kratom

Turmeric has a great strengthening ability which helps with improving Kratom impacts. They are easily available in India and other parts of Asia. 

It can easily blend with Kratom. One can take a tablespoon of turmeric and a small portion of Kratom powder for its effective outcomes.

The effect lasts for an extended time. The main advantage of using turmeric all over the world is, it does not contain any side-effects.

  • Grapefruit to strengthen Kratom

Grapefruits contain antioxidants and when mixed with Kratom it helps in boosting the energy. It also lasts for a long time. 

From the research, most of the people prefer citrus to utilize with Kratom. If you are a regular user of Kratom, you can use it with a routine that helps in enhancing the performance. 

It is recommended for beginners to drink a cup of grape juice before having the Kratom powder which also helps in influencing stomach related issues.

White grape juice reacts well with alkaloids and is used in the treatment of nervousness. 

  • Cayenne pepper to strengthen Kratom

It is meant as hot pepper and recommended for its cleansing and detoxifying properties. Cayenne pepper is excellent in boosting Kratom and it lasts more than usual. 

It is recommended to mix a small portion of dry Kratom powder and cayenne pepper for favorable effects. This compound has other benefits like relieving pain especially joint pain.

  • Watercress is a great Kratom potentiator

Watercress is an ultra-hydrating lettuce used for enhancing Kratom. This not only boosts the effect of Kratom but also make it lasts for a long period through its anecdotal agent. 

  • Tea for strengthing Kratom

Many people like to mix their desirable Kratom strain with tea. One should try Kratom with Chamomile tea and green tea to experience the maximum effects of the drug.

Chamomile tea with Red vein Kratom helps to calm down and reduce stress. And mixing with Yerba Mate tea and white or green vein helps in achieving the energizing effect. 

Foremost Supplements to intensify Kratom

  • Valerian root supplement as an effective potentiator

It is a branch of a  flowering plant with long-lasting medicinal value. It provides various medicinal solutions apart from enhancing Kratom. 

This root induces peaceful sleep and with Kratom, it increases efficiency. People having digestion problems can use this supplement. 

It is recommended for insomnia or anxiety treatments. Kratom and Valerian root together can produce effects like lowering high blood pressure, sedation and rapture. This combination results in strong Kratom impacts and alkaloid sum is more than twice.

  • Caffeine supplement as an effective potentiator

All categories of coffee are not suitable to induce Kratom strength. Only some categories with sufficient quantities of caffeine substance can be used with Kratom to enhance its potency.

When caffeine and Kratom are combined, it produces outcomes like boosting energy levels, improving concentration, etc. 

  • Enhance Kratom with Cat’s claw

This originated in the south and central America. Cat’s claw is the most efficient supplement to boost Kratom potency because it contains similar alkaloids. It can extend the duration of the effect. 

  • Akuamma seeds as an effective potentiator

These seeds are more efficient and one can notice its high potentials when grinding them.

The main concern in using these seeds is their shortest possible time in producing the results. 

How to consume natural foods and supplementary with Kratom?

There are many dilemmas among people using Kratom with the natural food and supplementary. It is advised not to use Kratom directly after tea or supplement, it won’t work. 

Consumption of supplement 30-45 minutes earlier taking Kratom provide the best results. At higher dosage, it results in happiness and pain relief.

It is safer to use natural enhancers like tea, juice than artificial supplementary. It is advised not to take these potentiators regularly, as this may cause harmful health issues.

Some of the benefits with Kratom Potentiation 

When they combined in accurate proportion, it results in high Kratom. They are available in various ways such as drugs, powder, supplements, etc. It makes the drug more powerful by activating the alkaloids in Kratom.

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