Bentuangie Kratom – An amazing relaxant

From the dense jungles of the Indonesian Islands comes the newest variant of Kratom called “Bentaungie Kratom”, it also goes by the name of “Tropical Blend”. This variant is seen to be a part of the red-vein strains primarily but it also is seen to display a few of its own unique benefits. These benefits include its mildly sedative effects, it being excellent at pain relief, as well as enhancing the general well being of the consumer.

Anxiety and Ache Reliever 

Explorers traversing the jungles of Indonesia during their never-ending hunt for new and unique strains came across the Bentuangie strain. 

It displayed a resemblance to the red-vein variants in some aspects of its attributes but it was also seen to display a variety of its own and unique attributes like it’s analgesic and sedative abilities. It displays much more reliability over a wide range of issues and is seen to display versatility and adaptability when compared to the other variants. It is mild in its effects and at much higher doses it is seen to overwhelm the user.

This strain is seen to contain high amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine and so it has been officially classified to be a real strain of Kratom making it suitable to be used in dealing with aches and being efficient at it.

Reasons to consume Bentuangie Kratom?

This variant has been growing quite quickly in popularity because of how effective it is at soothing the body as well as calming the nerves. This variant is seen to be much more effective than its other red-vein types because it is seen to be much stronger in its properties compared to the other variants. These are the most sought after benefits


It is excellent at innately instilling a sense of tranquility in the life of the people that consume it.  In order to achieve these effects, the consumer has to take a much lower dose of this variant when compared to the other red-vein types, on taking higher doses people have claimed to have felt that it overpowered them. In this sense, it has shown that it is most definitely a part of the red vein family.

Mood Enhancement

Most of the red vein strains are very good at its mood-enhancing effects, but the mood-enhancing abilities of the Bentuangie Kratom are unrivaled. Most of its users have claimed that it significantly decreases the feeling of being unhappy, low which are side effects of depression and makes one feel happier and more pleasurable and makes them more interested in the activities that they enjoy doing. This variant can be used as a short term fix for depression but cannot be used particularly as an antidepressant. 

Improved sleep

For people having trouble falling asleep this variant can be very effective in improving their sleep quality and time. The invigorating attribute that these strains usually possess is seen to be absent and it is seen to be matched with the Red Vein Bali strain in its ability to improve one’s sleep time/cycle 

Pain relief

All of the Kratom strains are excellent at pain relief but the bentuangie variant has proven to be much more effective at relieving pain than a lot of the strains. This makes it an excellent alternative to pain killer medication because of it being natural and it being a better choice for most people. 

How long do its effects last?

The effects of the bentuangie kratom are seen to last much longer than its other red vein types and this is another benefit that it offers and one of the main reasons why people choose it over other red-vein types. This is highly beneficial to people looking to use it as a way to suppress pain as well as in helping to improve sleep quality.

What dosage to take?

There are several doses of bentuangie Kratom that you can take but it primarily depends on the purpose that you are taking it for:

We suggest mixing it with banana or orange juice, like an herbal milkshake. The amount that you add can however vary,

  • Add 3-5 grams if you are looking to relax, improve your mood and reduce feeling low or depressed. This results in a greenish-brown milkshake and is quite tasty.
  • Add 6-7 grams if you are looking to feel sleepy or sedated and in general, is great for people having Insomnia. We suggest that for beginners they start with smaller doses and increase the amount gradually as they continue consuming it.
  • Adding anything between 10-12 grams we do not advise, as people have claimed to feel the same way they did when they had a bad hangover. 

Andrew Robert

Andrew Robert is 49 years old and he is an Ex Construction Manager who had suffered from severe joint pain and depression. Andrew’s only target is to create a website that gives accurate information about Kratom which helped him to heal his joint pain and depression. He want to help people who are in need of Kratom.

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